Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I took a photo of this horse a few weeks ago.  It's an unusual perspective, but reflects how majestic I think a horse is.  So, for Mother's Day, I am painting!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Workshop on a horse lucky can I get?

 I attended a Kim Casebeer workshop in the Flint Hills of Clements KS this weekend.  Thurs. - Sunday of non-stop painting in plein air.  It was fantastic.  I have selected a few pictures to share with you, but I had nearly 300 to chose from!  Since I have worked on a tractor since the Augusta trip, I have added it too.  I will create a post for Augusta this week too!  Out of order, but I have such great pictures to share, I will post it anyway.  As you see, since I have ceased painting a horse a day, I don't seem to post everyday.  Whoops!  But I will try to do it at least once a week.

Underpainting of a tractor from Augusta, MO.

stone bridge near Clements, MO.

Painting subjects!

Great abandoned trucks and cars were everywhere.

Flint Hills sky, like no other.

Location of the workshop


'stuff' around the property of the bunkhouse

great views in every direction

The bunkhouse/ B & B

more horses waiting for me to paint...

This horse's name was Butter.  Not real social or well liked by the group for some reason.  Maybe because she was so pretty!

saddling up for a trail ride

Kim doing a demo for 'trees'

Me working on rocks, trying to remember they should not look like a pillow!

One of two Rocky Mountain horses.  My favorite breed!  

Kim doing a demo for vistas of the Flint Hills.

Pastel artist Elaine Lierly Jones.  

I met these women at the ranch and got to 'talk horses'.  I loved it.  Horse 'people' are so nice!  These are the two Rocky Mountain horses.  One owner was from Olathe KS and the other from Versailles MO.  

Unfortunately this horse hurt her back left leg during the trail ride that morning.  The horse's name is Maggie.  The owner couldn't ride her lame, so they packed up and went back home.  At least I had the opportunity to meet the owner and take lots of photos of Maggie.

The horses had on booties because they didn't have horse shoes on.  These protect their hoofs.

Modeling for me so I had details of the saddle and boots, etc.

Beautiful Maggie

Look at the color of these horses.  Stunning.

This horse was snorting at me.  The owner said she was ready to get the saddle off and rest.  She would toss that lovely head of hair around and act very sassy!

Porch of bunkhouse facing sunrise.

MORE horses...

A really handsome baby bull.

On my way home I worked on one painting I had started Sat. and began this one of the same location.

First painting from Sat.

really glad I have an SUV!  Note my CD racks I use for canvas?  Thank you to  the artist Michael Johnson Chesley for that brilliant idea.

The finished tractor.

The nearly finished Flint Hills painting from Sunday

Painting from the workshop on 'intimate space'.

Creek rocks and water.  Friday was 'painting the 4 basic elements' day.  Sky, trees, rocks and water.  

I hope this is obvious....the tree exercise.

Sat.'s 'vista' painting.  I have since worked on the sky.  The photo is not true to color.  That horizon area is not so yellow and green!  No tornados!

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