Sunday, April 13, 2014

More photos from MVIS River Market Paint out.

I credit Greg Summers for most of these photos.  Also there are two from Susan Rose/ Marty Rose took them, and one from Andrea Clague of her finished painting.  I took these from Facebook, so I am certain it is ok to use them.  

More of the crew that painted Saturday.  

Alex Hamil

Ken Chapins

Alex Hamil

Susan Rose

Alex Hamil front, Ken Chapin back

Greg Summers painted two that day.  He scrapped one, I hope not this one.  

Joseph Loganbill

Joseph and Alex, meeting for the first time.  I have met Alex, but not Joseph.

Ken and Darci

Andrea Clague's painting.  She plans to crop it square.

Susan Rose, number two.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thursday evening with the Clague's Studio Portrait group.

I forgot my camera Thursday evening!  I had to use my cell phone, so the photos are not so good.  But, you can see our beautiful model, Teddy's grand daughter.  She did a really cool pose.  Great evening.

Poor lighting to take this photo of my painting.



Eileen being a comic.  Cathy, Adam and Teddy in the background.  

Teddy and Adam.  Andrea's start.

Teddy Jackson

Adam and Cathy

My painting.

Ryan's drawing.



MVIS City Market Saturday Plein Air! 83 degrees and sunny. PERFECT!

More picking on it in the studio.  

Tim and Rachel Kail stopped to see me.  It is the first time I have seen Tim in years.  He was one of my students at NKCHS.  He had a scholarship to Saratoga Art and Design.  He now has his own business and is a very successful graphic designer!  Rachel was the president of Travis's Senior class.  What a great family.  I look like a proud grandma or something!

Anne Garney stopped to chat and took my picture.  She was so thoughtful to do that.  The market was swarming with people.  The weather was perfect.  I should have picked a shade spot, but when I started is was shaded.  I sure forgot the golden rule on this one.  SIMPLIFY.  

Crystal Manning stopped by to say hi.  She wasn't painting, just visiting.  I have missed her pretty smile at the Clague's Thursday night portrait sessions.  She said she is painting florals, and taking lessons with Adam.  

I have continued to work on this painting.

Andrea and Adam Clague joined me under the shade of the open patio.  Smart kids.  I about smothered.  :)  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Isabelle in Prayer

Before we begin to paint on our Thursday evenings portrait sessions, Adam always says a prayer.  For a few moments we are all reminded that God is with us.  With my rubber gloves clasped and a camera around my neck, I bowed my head.  I glanced up momentarily and saw Isabelle in this pose, in prayer.  Without hardly thinking I reached for my camera from around my neck and took a photo of her.  It was a very touching moment for me.  Isabelle is such a precious little girl.  It is not quite finished, but I like where it is going.  
On another note, my friend John Lasater has a set of videos he has produced on Christianity and Art.  The series is called 'Is Artistry a Calling for Me?'.  If you have a moment to listen to one of them, I believe they will capture your interest.  Find them in John's blog.

12 x 16 oil

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Monday evening group to paint at Buena Vista.

Cathy Kline invited me to attend a portrait session with her last night.  It is a nice group of artists that meet every Monday evening with a model from 6 - 8.  A simple session, and cheap….$2.00.  The location is in a residential area, but the house is set up as just a studio.  No one lives there.  They have a session with a nude model on other time slots as well.  There was a coffee pot going with fresh brewed coffee and someone brought homemade cookies.  Nice. Still sticking to my vegan diet, so no coffee and NO COOKIES.

Beverly's pastel

Bob Holloway, one of the founders of the house.

There was a wide range of styles and medium used.



Prisma colored pencils

Cathy Klines

mine, prior to the first wipe out

after second wipe out…..

one of the finished watercolors

At the end of the evening.

Before I wiped it the final time….
Our model's boyfriend brought her flowers!  Yes she was smiling!

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