Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting from #12 study of the 100.

I usually do not draw my subject on the canvas before I begin painting.  But for this enlargement, I wanted to be as accurate on the horse and figure as I could.  So I used charcoal to draw the subject before I began blocking in values.

Adding thin layers of local color using the painting to the left for some reference.

Reference material: Photograph from Debbie Simmons of her niece Summer.  Photo of cowgirl off the web for hat and shirt reference.  The original 8 x 10" painting is under the photograph.

Rest time for fresh eyes.  I may wait to work on it again until the weekend.  FYI:  I have changed her right foot placement in the stirrup so she looked authentic.  In the photograph the models foot is too far foreword.  The boot should be riding on the ball of the foot,  (so I am told!).  I need to move the stirrup toward the toe of the boot on the right foot.  One more detail:  The photograph of summer has the tiny pink cross hanging under the belly of the horse, just as I have painted.  So folks, I didn't make that up!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Habits are hard to break.....#101

I still have some horses that are waiting to be painted.  I have to work on the saddle later.....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

underpainting for #100

I found 4 photographs of this horse in Dec. 2011.  I have this as my screen saver on the computer, and look at this horse every day.  I saved it for last.  100/100



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#97, 98

I plan to paint on the plaza with the carriage horses!  There is something magnificent about a draft horse.  My best 'painter girlfriend' informed me today I am missing a horse around the 70 something mark.  So, oh darn, I may have to add a couple more at the end!  



This one really complicated.  Those legs were all over the place!  What a great moment to capture.  Another horse with an extra $50.  96/100

#95 on a rainy day in KC

This image was found on the web.  Since I am NOT selling these paintings, I am using them as an 'educational' tool to learn from, I am ok with copying them.  So, that said, I don't note the original artist, but I do have it in notes.  I love this woman's work.  She seems to capture wonderful unusual poses.  I am certain she must work from a photo.   If you want to know the artist, send me an email and I will let you know!

Monday, March 19, 2012

#93, 94


I am getting a little apprehensive with the big 100 in sight.  I hate to sound 'compulsive', but I hate to see this end.  I have so enjoyed the process.  And thank you to everyone that has cheered me on!



I will probably revisit that nose area, and the belly is too flat.  I notice theses things after I photograph them.



#89, 90

Friday, March 16, 2012


This was a quick painting.  I spent the day finishing up the windows on the back of the house with Derald.  Wow.   They are finished!  Repaired glazing, scraped, painted, washed windows and storms and reassembled them all!  We were quite a team.  So my horse painting was on the back burner today.  I may steal more time this afternoon for one more.  The sky is beautiful in Kansas City today.  It's 82!  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#80, 81

Underpainting 'sketch' with black gesso in negative space.

8n x 10
# 80/81!!  19 more to go.


This was painted from a very old black and white photograph.


I found these little 5 x 7 ish barn wood frames at a thrift store for $2 each in Taos.  I wish I had bought all of them.  So I  used black gesso on the board that was in them to prep it for oil.  If I had tried to remove the board it would have torn up the frame, so I left them in.  The gesso seals the ground board so the oil doesn't eat up the boards.  I liked working on black boards.  I have about 6 more of these little gems.  Time to paint one more then....window trim.  :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


I am cheating on this one.  I painted it Sunday knowing today was going to be spent scraping paint on the windows of the house.  And yep, it took all day.  I am not an expert or even fairly good at glazing windows.  I was teetering on a ladder on wet ground and nervous as a cat.  Oh well, the windows are clean and ready for paint.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

#76 For Jim

My dear friend and painting buddy Jim sent me this photograph he took of an elk hunter.  The actual photo did not include the back half of the horse!  But for the sake of composition I wanted to try to add it.  So don't look to closely at the rear end of this one.  I am not so certain he is anotomically correct!  Now that it is on the computer I see the cowboys hand needs some work.   I may wait until tomorrow to fix it.  I hope you are all enjoying this rainy Sunday.  Surely Dearborn is getting a little rain on the hill!


#75 looks a little 'sassy'.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


For some reason (maybe the hail) I have been awake since 2:00am!  So this painting is early today.  I'll have time for another one.  The underpainting was done with a brush, and final painting applied with knife.  Much faster for me.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#73 Roller: $50 Horse

This was taken in the shadows and doesn't show the real color, but you get the idea of the spots.

This was the nicest woman I meet at a stables.  I just stopped and asked if I could take photographs and she was delighted I wanted to.  She gave me her number and told me to call her if I wanted to ride sometime.  Wow.  I told her of my ToTaL inexperience with horses, and she was ok with it.  Isn't this a beautiful horse?  She had TWO!!! Lucky girl.
When I took this photo the owner told me "since she can roll over she is worth $50 more".  I have no idea what on earth that meant, but I laughed.  So I'll call this one "$50 Horse".  This was a beautiful horse with a 'mottled' colored coat.  She said it is only like that in winter.  I'll post a photo of the real horse so you can see her coat.


This little sweetie pie is painted entirely with a knife.  #71  8 x 10"   Referecne:  a painting.


100% knife painting.  This is a copy of an artist, #70.


#69, copy of artist's work.  I love the painted horse's face.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#68 for March 6

I found this image on the computer.  I love this pose.  I posted this once and repainted the rear end!  You would think after 67 of these suckers I would have it down!  But each pose and each horse is so different.  Throw and Indian in and look out! I hope you are all enjoying your beautiful spring like day.  It's 72 in KC!  I should be outside painting.  But when I go outside I have to paint the house!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Ok, revision with with horses legs moved back.  Now of course the rider is too far forward....but I'm not moving him!  Paint and learn.

My day has kinda been like a RodeO!  We have had a worker here since 7 grinding nails on our soffit, and makes me think I am in the dentist's chair.  I have had music on the computer with wonderful piano Classical loud in my studio while I paint.  Then a rep from a window company came at 9:30 to bid our windows.  Then a trip to deliver goods to my fav thrift store in Riverside.  (Not really my fav, but I know the owner.)  Then a short visit from friends.  Then 2 paintings, 3 horses and a mule!  Wahoo.  That's it for today folks.  Time to create something for dinner.

OH MY:  Now that I take a look with fresh eyes, the back horse is WAY off.  No way the legs are that far apart.  I thought this one seemed too easy.  Time to go to work...again.

#64, 65

I am calling this painting #64 and 65.  A mule is kinda close isn't it?  :)  Most of this was done with a knife.  The sky is entirely knife.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I had a critique from Derald and Martin on this one!  Tricky back leg.  Does is read right?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Horse #62 and class stuff

As you see #62 is just in the bare bones stage of blocking in.  I wanted to post before the day started to slip away from me.  I seem to have 5 things going at once.
Sorry about the glare.  
hand fixed

This is a fun collage I need to finish...one more thing.  It is watercolors on watercolor paper  with gesso on top to unify.  I have scraped in to the wet gesso.  Now I will add more color and pencil work.

This is a quirky imaginary still life using acrylic and torn paper.  Sat. project for my collage class is a still life.  I wanted to start one to work on during class.  I'll add lots of 'stuff' to this one.  For me, collage is so relaxing.  Every 'mistake' can so easily be fixed.  

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