Monday, March 5, 2012


Ok, revision with with horses legs moved back.  Now of course the rider is too far forward....but I'm not moving him!  Paint and learn.

My day has kinda been like a RodeO!  We have had a worker here since 7 grinding nails on our soffit, and makes me think I am in the dentist's chair.  I have had music on the computer with wonderful piano Classical loud in my studio while I paint.  Then a rep from a window company came at 9:30 to bid our windows.  Then a trip to deliver goods to my fav thrift store in Riverside.  (Not really my fav, but I know the owner.)  Then a short visit from friends.  Then 2 paintings, 3 horses and a mule!  Wahoo.  That's it for today folks.  Time to create something for dinner.

OH MY:  Now that I take a look with fresh eyes, the back horse is WAY off.  No way the legs are that far apart.  I thought this one seemed too easy.  Time to go to work...again.

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