Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#73 Roller: $50 Horse

This was taken in the shadows and doesn't show the real color, but you get the idea of the spots.

This was the nicest woman I meet at a stables.  I just stopped and asked if I could take photographs and she was delighted I wanted to.  She gave me her number and told me to call her if I wanted to ride sometime.  Wow.  I told her of my ToTaL inexperience with horses, and she was ok with it.  Isn't this a beautiful horse?  She had TWO!!! Lucky girl.
When I took this photo the owner told me "since she can roll over she is worth $50 more".  I have no idea what on earth that meant, but I laughed.  So I'll call this one "$50 Horse".  This was a beautiful horse with a 'mottled' colored coat.  She said it is only like that in winter.  I'll post a photo of the real horse so you can see her coat.


  1. Certainly worth $100 more for that trick. Love this painting ! Such an unexpected pose for a painting makes me smile and love it all the more.

    1. Thank you Kelly. I just painted all day. Couldn't put my brushes down! I did spend an hour with the Pella window man giving us a bid for windows. But, other than that, paint..paint..paint. I seem to be getting frantic with that 100 mark getting within reach. I hope you are feeling better. Did you get to the doctor?


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