Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Painting from #12 study of the 100.

I usually do not draw my subject on the canvas before I begin painting.  But for this enlargement, I wanted to be as accurate on the horse and figure as I could.  So I used charcoal to draw the subject before I began blocking in values.

Adding thin layers of local color using the painting to the left for some reference.

Reference material: Photograph from Debbie Simmons of her niece Summer.  Photo of cowgirl off the web for hat and shirt reference.  The original 8 x 10" painting is under the photograph.

Rest time for fresh eyes.  I may wait to work on it again until the weekend.  FYI:  I have changed her right foot placement in the stirrup so she looked authentic.  In the photograph the models foot is too far foreword.  The boot should be riding on the ball of the foot,  (so I am told!).  I need to move the stirrup toward the toe of the boot on the right foot.  One more detail:  The photograph of summer has the tiny pink cross hanging under the belly of the horse, just as I have painted.  So folks, I didn't make that up!!!

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  1. Absolutely love this painting. I can hear the hooves galloping, feel the wind.......the rider is great. You color is vibrant...the accent of turquoise really the icing on the cake. xo


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