Saturday, September 28, 2013

Week Two for the portrait session.

Our model didn't show up, so Eileen called her husband to come over and model.  Lucky for us, he was a great guy, willing to just listen to the Thursday night football game with the Kansas City Chiefs on the radio!
Here are some photos from the evening.

Adam's work.  

Andrea's work

This is my painting from the evening.  

Work from today, Tina's approach

I need to back up and post from 3 weeks ago, or further.  I joined a group of painters that hire a model every Thurs. evening and paint for 2 1/2 hours.  It's a blast.  These particular paintings are from a photo I took of one of the painters!  She has great chiseled features, and makes for a great model.
They were done 3 days apart.  I realize the one on the right has the eye to high.  Pooh.  I like parts of each one.  I guess I need to try again.  The one on the left was started with a wash of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna.  Thus, complexion is very dark. I did a complete value painting first.  Then while it was still wet, I added color.  And lost my lights.  The one on the right, I started a 100% different approach.  I watched Tina Garrett paint and she uses a Richard Schmid approach, starting in one small area and working out from there.  So the eye was the first thing I painted....on totally white canvas.  And the board is a homemade job, and slick as a gut!  Not so good.  Not making excuses, but the surface sucked.  From the eye and painted the negative area around the profile.  I couldn't stand not having more information!  It's tricky.  I need to take a workshop with Tina!

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