Friday, June 20, 2014

#1 of the 6 x 6" paintings

I saw these back lit horses in Steelville and pulled over and took about 5 pictures of them.  Later I found out who owned them.  She was delighted I saw 'beauty' in them.  Well….yes I did!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A paint over

This painting has had a previous life.  Same bridge, different painting, different day.  

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Steelville Plein Air

Steelville was a good time, and I was honored to receive three awards.  This tiny town buzzes with people all day.  It is the 'capitol of MO rafting'.  Debbie Payne and I stayed in a really nice trailer on the property of one of the sponsors and committee members.  Ellen and Jack has the trailer we stayed and and a very cool caboose!  Our friend Marcia stayed in it.  There is not a tremendous amount of social time at these events.  Everyone is busy painting or framing or cleaning out their cars….which end up looking like a studio for art supplies.  It took me a day to clean mine out and POWER wash it!
Marcia and Rusty Young.  Rusty was married to one of the painters, Mary.  He is the lead singer in POCO!  Small world.  Who would guess the lead member of the band POCO would be living in the wilds of Steelville?

The artists participating in the event.

One of the paintings I did which received an honorable mention award. 

This venue was at a private estate we all painted for a sunset competition.  The rest of the photos of this event are several pictures below.  Out of order…..  

The estate was amazing with lots of art, sculptures, and two musicians playing for us.  

One of the feasts we were invited to partake in.

I read this AFTER I set up to paint.  

I title it 'Not worth dying for".  

Waiting for judging, we met in the bar next door.

Nyle Gordon won several top awards.

Craig Thomas, who paints on hollow core doors!

Paige is an amazing person.  She has 5 kids and is adopting one from Letvainia or someplace I had never heard of.  

one of mine

One of the horses at the estate we painted at one day.  They had 4 or 5 kids, all home schooled.  

This little church was a one room school house.  They converted it to a chapel.  It was so wonderful.  

Meramac State Park

My host house took this painting as their host gift.  It was one of my favorites.  

Marty Coulter and I painted side by side one afternoon.  He had finished two previously.  

My block in.

This painting finished, won third place.  It was auctioned the last day of the event.  

These are a little out of order, but this is the private estate with the musicians.  They had this wonderful open barn, where we had the reception.

This was the 'library'.  The light was on  by the door and I figured it would be a perfect evening painting.

Debbie's painting of the cemetery where the host said 'all my relatives are'.  No need for a family tree!

This is my finished painting.  After the purchase award was given, the owners also purchased my painting and Debbie's' painting.  Lucky we picked the subjects they were hoping someone painted.

Dillard's Mill park.  After we left and were driving out I saw the rattle snake below!

I was so worried about chiggers and ticks, I didn't think about snakes until I saw this one.  It was huge.  It had about 5 rattles.  It was as thick as my wrist.  

Two of the painters entertaining after the judging.

Steelville was full of surprises.  This soda fountain was across from the gallery.

This artist's home was spectacular.  She painted and he was one of the committee.  They had a really nice potluck dinner for us the last night.

This is the Cob House.  Craig Thomas stayed in this house during the event.  Lucky dog.  They built it first and lived there 3 years until the big house was finished.  Now it is a studio!  

Cob house kitchen

Corrugated metal interior leading up stairs to the bedroom.

Up the stairs looking down.  Art everywhere.  In the house was a Chihuli glass piece.  

The Cob house.

Mary Young going in to the straw bale garage.  Thick walls.  We were on the tour of the buildings on the property.  

the main house

Main house gardens

Marcia's nocturne, which sold after she finished it the day of the sale!

About 5 of us painted the statue of St. Michael at the Catholic Church Friday evening after two events.  It was a long day.

Back up to Augusta Plein Air

It seems like a long time ago when I painted in the Augusta Plein Air event.  Several of the photos show we aredressed in gloves and winter coats.  It was Cha Cha Chilly.  A superb event that I hope to be able to attend again next year.

My first ribbon in Augusta.  It was a third place, but I was ecstatic to even place in that competition.  

Pastel artist Michelle Wells.  LOTS of color to work with.  When I see a pastellist at work, I think I want to dive in and try it again.  

Raven Perry is from CA and comes to paint in the event.  During the show, she painted on her leg with Henna.  She is a super nice woman.

And this is my art camp house!  Love the Airstream.  I had several artist come by to paint it.  She always had a good side!

Across the street we were entertained with a mama fox and a slew of babies.  She was on high alert.

Marty Coulter was painting in the 'winners' event at a winery and I got permission to watch him.  He was an illustrator in his past life, and jokes about trying to break those habits.  His work always sells well.  He is an excellent painter, and a really nice guy!

This was the group I painted with at the 'private estate' paint out.  The first 20 to sign up for the festival gets to paint at a special place.  It was fabulous.  

I selected the horse stall to paint.  Of course the horses moved all over, but I painted fast and got one in.  When this was finished, the owner purchased it!  .

Curious horses.

Joan Parker and I helped with two other artist with an afternoon of kids camp.  I taught acrylic, Joan taught oil.  We had a good time.

Joan Parker on a COLD morning.

Kathy brought us a vegan lunch.  No forks.  Joan used a plastic lid to eat!  Love her laugh.

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