Friday, March 2, 2012

Horse #62 and class stuff

As you see #62 is just in the bare bones stage of blocking in.  I wanted to post before the day started to slip away from me.  I seem to have 5 things going at once.
Sorry about the glare.  
hand fixed

This is a fun collage I need to more thing.  It is watercolors on watercolor paper  with gesso on top to unify.  I have scraped in to the wet gesso.  Now I will add more color and pencil work.

This is a quirky imaginary still life using acrylic and torn paper.  Sat. project for my collage class is a still life.  I wanted to start one to work on during class.  I'll add lots of 'stuff' to this one.  For me, collage is so relaxing.  Every 'mistake' can so easily be fixed.  

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