Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Portrait night with the Clagues

Another great model and another wonderful evening with the Thursday night paint group at the Clague's studio.

Our lovely model.

There were about 11 of us.

The young girl seated is the granddaughter of the model.  The models husband is in the plaid shirt.    After a log conversation of how Adam met the family, he discovered the gentleman had painted something for his church, and Adam remembered the painting.  I think he even had a poster of it.  It was a confusing story and really ironic that he met them.  He and Andrea were in a coffee shop in downtown Liberty and ran in to them.  Their daughter works or manages the business.   I am certain I don't have the story straight, but I believe Adam's mom and dad knows them as well.  Small world!



Jacqueline's finished painting.  She started a small second one I failed to get a photo of.

Teddy is to my right, with Polly in front of her and another new guy standing behind Adam.

Eileen and Jacqueline with Andrea in the distance.

This new gentleman also painted two.  







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