Thursday, April 10, 2014

Isabelle in Prayer

Before we begin to paint on our Thursday evenings portrait sessions, Adam always says a prayer.  For a few moments we are all reminded that God is with us.  With my rubber gloves clasped and a camera around my neck, I bowed my head.  I glanced up momentarily and saw Isabelle in this pose, in prayer.  Without hardly thinking I reached for my camera from around my neck and took a photo of her.  It was a very touching moment for me.  Isabelle is such a precious little girl.  It is not quite finished, but I like where it is going.  
On another note, my friend John Lasater has a set of videos he has produced on Christianity and Art.  The series is called 'Is Artistry a Calling for Me?'.  If you have a moment to listen to one of them, I believe they will capture your interest.  Find them in John's blog.

12 x 16 oil

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