Sunday, April 13, 2014

More photos from MVIS River Market Paint out.

I credit Greg Summers for most of these photos.  Also there are two from Susan Rose/ Marty Rose took them, and one from Andrea Clague of her finished painting.  I took these from Facebook, so I am certain it is ok to use them.  

More of the crew that painted Saturday.  

Alex Hamil

Ken Chapins

Alex Hamil

Susan Rose

Alex Hamil front, Ken Chapin back

Greg Summers painted two that day.  He scrapped one, I hope not this one.  

Joseph Loganbill

Joseph and Alex, meeting for the first time.  I have met Alex, but not Joseph.

Ken and Darci

Andrea Clague's painting.  She plans to crop it square.

Susan Rose, number two.

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