Saturday, December 10, 2011


I really wanted to take a trail ride this summer, but it never happened.  So I guess I will have to just be satisfied with painting one.  There is a new movie coming out Christmas day about a horse, and every time I see the ad on tv, I get the chills.  It must be fate...

I have explored artists that paint horses and found Howard Turpning's work.  He is a master at people, horses and landscapes. I think the process of copying a master painters work is a healthy exercise.  I imagine some will argue that point.  I would much rather be standing by a horse, with an Indian on his back, next to a rambling spring etc.  But it is not happening Dec. 10 in Kansas City MO.  So this computer is the next best thing.  I did go out and photograph this afternoon for my own reference photos.  I pulled over and parked to ask permission to photograph the horses.  I found out of the 5 animals, only one was a horse, the other 4 were MO jumping mules!!!  Never the less, I took several photos.

I'll post the beginning of the painting, and the work after about 1 1/2 hours of work.  I am certain there will be more work required, but I have a good start!
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