Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Challenges

November was a month of challenges!  The trees were fantastic in their fall colors.  And Day of the Dead celebrations were not just at church!  Although I did attend mass for All Souls Day.

My friend Susan Rose put out a challenge to paint this photograph she took in the Flint Hills of KS near her house.  

We were invited to a Dios de Muertos party last weekend.  I decided to go all out and paint my face 'a la Day of the Dead'.  It was a blast, and I had lots of compliments on my face painting!  I had on a cute black hat too.

Another challenge by Greg Summers.  Paint what you see within 50 ft of your front door.  The Airstream was just waiting for this opportunity!

Brian Flowers does Civil War Reenactments and this was from a photo he posted.

Here is my painting from Susan's photo.  It is a tiny 6" square.

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