Monday, May 12, 2014

Jason Sacran workshop

Jason's demo paint-a-long for nocturnal.

David had a very nice painting.

Darla worked on a watercolor.  I would think it would be a real challenge with watercolors.

We looked like a flash mob of nocturne painters.

Connie's hat looked like outer space.  


Day one:  painting the Monet garden at the Arboretum.

Jason had a different approach than I had used in the past for this scene.  

A new Monet sculpture….with Jason in his space!

Getting some distance.

My block in for the afternoon painting.

My selected scene.

This was my second choice.


My scene selection for day two.

block in

Add caption

Jason's afternoon demo day two.

What a great workshop with Jason.  Everyone in the group of students were so appreciative of his class.  I saw improvements on everyones work too.  I have suggested he return for another workshop through MVIS.  I will talk with the chief….Greg Summers, to try to arrange it!


  1. Great pictures. Wonderful to see all of the paintings. I had no idea what blocking a painting was...started to figure it out over time but now using that technique with pastels. Really enjoying the pastels....our watercolor class this session will be on portraits. Looking forward to it. xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing these photos. I loved seeing what you guys were doing. Sorry, I don't have a clone to be in all the places that I would like to be. I was painting in Penn Valley Paint Fest on Thursday, attending a family gathering on Friday, and teaching a sold out workshop on Saturday, and a wonderful Mothers Day on Sunday. Wow, what a weekend. Still wish I could have attended this workshop, too.

  3. Thanks for posting, always good to see artists practicing their craft.


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