Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tori, at the Clague's studio

Tori, our 10 year old model.

Structure drawing, laying out the pose.

Adam from square one.  It's amazing to see what he produces from this raw beginning.

Ryan works FAST and is very accurate.  He is an amazing painter.

Cathy Kline's work.  She started with a Zorn palette and added to it.

This young lad on the left is one of Adam's students.  He is really doing some lovely work.  He has a wonderful still life he is working on with Adam's instruction.  His portrait pencil drawing from this session was very good.

Polly had a nice one going.

My painting in the early stages.

Andrea's work, always illuminating.
Adam's students pencil drawing.  Amazing work for a 16 year old!  

Ryan's finished painting.

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