Thursday, January 12, 2012

#14 started yesterday evening.

This is a painting I started last Sat. at Debbie's.  It's on the back burner.  I should have stopped an hour before I realized I have ruined it.  Muddy.  Very muddy.
I painted most of this with a small knife.

This will be #14.  I need to turn the head more to the left, thin the cowboy down, shorten the horse's head.  You get the picture.  Lots to do on this one before I start adding color.  I rarely draw on my canvas with a pencil or charcoal.  I like to start with paint.


  1. Peggy your paintings are fantastic. I love your horses. The one you painted from a photograph is stunning. I actually stopped painting right before Mark's operation but I will start back hopefully tomorrow. xo

  2. Thank you Carol. Now that Mark is on the mend, time to get back to painting!


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