Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yesterday and todays project: Happy Gillis Cafe

Anne and 'the crew'.  The triplets are 2 1/2 years old, and the most precious little guys!  I had the opportunity to spend time with them yesterday.  I really wanted to get a photo of them to paint.  I may use this one.  It was quite a challenge. They are fast as greased lightening!  No focusing allowed.  Just point and shoot….quickly!  Cormac is sitting on Anne's lap.  I think Eoin is on the left and Fintan on the right.  Those two could be swapped.  :)

This is a good example of what 95% of the pictures looked like.  One second hesitation and BINGO…they scatter.  I don't know how Anne does it.  She is such a great mom.  Patient.  Calm.  Loving.  Equal attention to each one.  Me on the other hand…I still get confused who is who.  About the time I get one's name they change sweatshirts or take off a hat or just….move.  They do all look different, but for the life of me, I get their names wrong.  I think the one on her lap is Fintan.  The other one behind her may be Eoin.  

I took advantage of the sun after I left Anne and the crew.  I stopped several places and shot photos between Brookside and Columbus Park.  But I really enjoy Columbus Park, and returned to paint.  I just so happened to have my easel in the back of the car.  Imagine that!  It was 7 degrees when I left the house at 10:00.  This is about 2:00.  Probably double digits.  My feet got really cold and my hands.  I pulled out some of those hand warmers, to no avail.  

I am working on Happy Gillis at home.  I probably should have edited this photo, since it shows off my messy studio.  A rack of paintings, drying.  CD racks are perfect for small paintings.  You can even slide them in back to back for double bang for your drying buck!

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