Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday evening in the Clague studio

Valerie was our model.

This is a painting Adam has entered in the OPA juried show.  I am sure it will be in, and win an award.  The light on her face is breathtaking.  Adam said the yarn was difficult to paint.  The color temperature was difficult to portray.  It is fascinating to listen to artist talk about their work.  You can learn a lot if you listen carefully.  You can't help but look at the light on her face can you?

Early stages of Andrea's painting.

Early stage of Adam's painting.  Again, watch and learn from these two artists.  Notice how crazy far along I am in mine?  I rush everything, and I can't seem to break the habit.  I get way too excited!  I remember watching Adam in class and I kept thinking…paint those eyes.  They were about dead last!

I believe this is Jacqueline's.  

Andrea's.  Again, no facial features yet.  

Cathy Kline was struggling with proportion on this.  The head is just too big.  It needed to finish off at the eye level she has.  She knew it was wrong, but did the trick :I will get the entire figure on the canvas even if it's wrong.  It is a common error. 

Early stage of Adam Brown's work.  He used only black and white.  

This is Ryan's work.  He always comes up with a nice painting.

Very nice size group last night.  

Taking a stretch break, our model Valerie was wonderful.  

I am still working on this, but here is where I finished last night.

One shoe on, one shoe off.  

Cathy Kline and Adam Brown.  

All of the sudden, SNAP….Andrea captures her.  

Derald has accused me of biting my lip when I paint.  In this photo it is funny to see how people screw their expressions when concentrating!  

I climbed up the stairs a few steps to get this shot.  What a great studio.  Every time we get to paint at the Clagues', I feel like it is such a treat!


  1. Wow, not only is Valerie a beautiful model, everyone has done amazing! Painting is not my skill...but I wish it was. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Great post, Peggy, thank you for sharing!


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