Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A week of Detox, Yoga and painting

I spent last week in Augusta, MO with my friend Kathy Kessler.  She has a wonderful B & B and health spa, the Halcyon.  Joan Parker, a painter friend of mine and very close friend of Kathys had talked of a mini retreat late last year.   The plan was to get on a healthy path to kick start the new year.   Kathy was here in Kansas City in Dec. for a yoga retreat/workshop and spurred our interest in her healthy life style.  It sounded like fun, so I joined in.  We did cut our 7 day retreat in to a 5 day retreat with Kathy due to the impending snow storm.
During those 5 days with Kathy, Joan and another friend Diane, we had a life changing experience.  The Detox plan was simple and easy and I was never hungry.  For 2 days we only drank a detox shake and had vitamins.  The third day we began a simple clean Vegan diet.  We participated in Yoga, new to all of us.  Kathy is a superb teacher of Yoga giving us just enough of the workout to understand the basics.  We stretched, meditated, and felt a true peaceful feeling of health.  Kathy is also a massage therapist, and we each enjoyed 2 full body massages.  Joan also got a fabulous facial from one of Kathys facial therapists.
For two days we also added sessions of cooking.  Kathy is a wonderful cook, and we experienced wonderful healthy foods.  Some were new to me and Kathy guided me in the kitchen to prepare roasted Fennel.  I loved it!  We were selective in our diet to follow the detox plan and eliminate foods that are known to cause allergy reactions.  So the diet consists of mostly fruit and vegetables with choices of free range chicken if desired.
Joan and I spent a couple of afternoons painting and I have added one of them on this post.  It is far from finished, but I have about 3 others I have been working on as well.
Joan and I were having such great success with the detox we are extending the program for 21 days.  Results will follow in 14 days!

Information on the spa can be found at  www.halcyonaugusta.com
Augusta Shores
9 x 12 oil on wood panel

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  1. That sounds like a very fun and productive week. I will check out her spa web site. I have never done anything like that. Great start to a new painting. I can't wait to see the finished product. Hope to see you all again soon!


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