Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mini class with Tina

Interestingly Tina does not arrange her paint the same way each time!  This is her palette for the demo.  Terra Rosa and Transparent Red Oxide is on the palette.  Two that I normally don't use.  Kim Casebeer used Transparent Red Oxide in the workshop I did with her a couple of years ago.  I have not yet learned to like it.  But, I will try it again for the sake of this demo.  :)  I know you can teach an old dog new tricks.  It just takes patience.  

Selective start is what Tina called her approach.  This is the technique she has found successful through studying Richard Schmid's work and the methods of this technique found in his most current book.  This is the beginning of Andrea's eye.  No toning on the canvas….no sketching for placement.  She said that is all consciously considered before she begins a painting.  Viridian, Transparent red oxide, terra rosa, yellow ochre and white for the iris. 

Flesh tones mixed with yellow ochre, cad red and white.

Here is the set up.  Andrea has a black cloth background.  Tina decided her darkest dark and lightest light area fist.  Background cloth….darkest dark.  Bridge on Tina's nose, cheek and area of her face were the lightest lights.

I tried to take a photo step by step.  This was a slow process, and may require a serious meditation for me to learn.

The idea is to complete each area then move on to an adjoining  area.  

Tina took her finger and splayed out the bristles on her brush to paint the lashes.  She commented 'this is a one time deal'.  So my suggestion is don't pussy foot around with each eyelash.  Just aim and fire.  

Part of her eyebrow and a wisp of hair was added, which helped me out to frame the eye into a space.  

We were nearly 1/2 way finished with the class at this point.  Bridge of nose added.

Blocking in Andrea's right eye with the darker value.  

With lots of careful consideration, she place the corner of the eye.

Andrea did a marvelous job of modeling.  I was fortunate to get some good photo references so I can try this technique in my studio.  A perfect model when the eyes are the center of interest!

Tina had lots of large charts she had prepared over the years.  She referred to them several times.

2 hours of Selective Start technique!  Thank you Tina Garrett for sharing your painting technique with us.  And thank you Andrea Clague for modeling for the morning.  

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