Friday, March 7, 2014

Thursday evening with the Clagues. Dan modeled for us.

It was great to get back to our Thursday evening group.  Travel and classes prevented the last two weeks of sessions.  We had a friend of Jacqueline's  model for us, Dan.  I think she just met him once in her gallery studio at an art walk, and took one look at him and said 'you've got to model for us'.  He was a heck of a nice man, and sat very still.  Great beard!

I still need some work on this one.  The ear is a little strange.  I should have watched Andrea painting the ear!  


Jacqueline's painting.  She just wrapped up a week workshop with Adam, and was very confident in her color choices . She just kept commenting how wonderful the workshop was.  So if you are in the Kansas City area, and need a workshop for portraits or still life, Adam is offering classes!  

Adam looks relaxed!

Kathy Kline.  Poor Kathy lost her $500 pair of glasses that day.  She was heart broken.  She is saving money for a painting trip to Europe this summer, and didn't need that loss.  

I was lucky to be standing there taking a picture when Adam was painting that eye lid.   One stroke.  He is so deliberate with each brush stroke.

A nice view of that ear.  When Andrea painted the ear, it popped off the canvas.  Amazing.

It was a small group last night, but we all enjoyed the session.  

Dan's the man!
I worked on it a little more.  Pick, pick, pick.  


  1. As always, great post, Peggy! Super job on your painting, too--I think it might be my favorite one of yours yet!

    1. Adam, read the posts below! This is really weird if you know Anna Rose Bain! I accidentally found her on a search and liked a post she wrote on Christanity and Nudes in Art.

  2. You get to paint with Adam! How cool! :-)

    1. Anna do you know Adam? Adam Clague? If you do.....I am blown away. I found you via a google search looking for Richard Schmid/ portraits.


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