Friday, March 14, 2014

Thursday March 13 at Clague's studio

These are out of order, and I don't have time to rearrange them.  I have a student coming at 4:30 and I am not ready.  Derald has Cait coming at 4:30 for a jewelry class too.  Tomorrow is a plein air paint out with MVIS at Kill Creek.  I am excited to go.  It is supposed to be 70 tomorrow!

Andrea's start

Ryan's work.  He consistently comes up with a nice painting.  

break time

I really wanted to use the selective start method from Tina's class that morning.  But I got cold feet and couldn't do it.  I need to try it at home.  I did use Transparent Red Oxide and Yellow Ochre for her skin tone.  We had such a beautiful model again.  And she was just as sweet as could be.  27 years old.  

Ryan starts to add color


Andrea's.  Love those highlights.
I purchased a few Rosemary Brushes last year.  That sounds like a long time ago, but I didn't get them until actually December.  So with that in mind, this is what they look like today.  Sad little monkeys.  

These are supposed to be mongoose, but I have my doubts.  I compared them to Andrea's and they don't appear to be the same bristle.  

I am in communication with the company, and hope to either  get advice on why these are behaving like this.  Even my el cheap brushes look better than this, and they are old.  AS in years old.  I could be wrong, but I assumed (there you go, that gets you in trouble) they would be a much better brush to last a really long time.  

Ryan, Adam and the model.  Ryan probably did this block-in the first 10 minutes.  

Teddy Jackson joined us for the first time.  She took the workshop from Adam.  She had a really fine painting at the end of the evening.  She was raving about how wonderful the workshop was.  

We had a couple of new people I didn't know.  A man and his daughter.  She was a sophomore in high school, and had a really nice sketch.  What a great experience for her.

Eileen is behind Teddy's canvas.  She was full of vinegar last night.  She teased Ryan relentlessly.  She was having trouble with the nose, and kept asking him to paint it for her.  Finally Adam gave in and helped her.  She was so funny, she had us all laughing.  She was a little late, so at break she used her phone photo to continue to work!  Die-hard.  :)

I believe the woman on the left is Francine.  Next to her is Jacqueline's painting.  


There were about 10 of us.  Great group.  

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