Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sept. 11 of 30/30

I also painted 9 little mini flowers for those crazy little 2 x 2 inch frames.  I have given 5 away so far to the Charming Chicks!    Whew I need to scrape that little 3c scary guy.  
Busy painting my little mini 2 inch paintings.  

Standing next to Mary Jane Grinter.  They own the sunflower farm!  She was a real sweetheart.  She also paints.  I hope to get to paint with her soon.  

These little sweetie pie paintings will have new homes with the Charming Chicks, Nikki and Erin.

These little sweetie pies are waiting for their new home.  2 will go to our Charming Chick in Springfield, Joy.  Only 2 are left!  

Happy flowers.

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