Friday, September 4, 2015

Sept. 4 of 30/30

A friend of ours gave me an entire CD of his vacation.  The photos were printed with 12 per sheet.  Now that's small.  Low and behold I went to a garage sale and found a BOX FULL of 2 inch square frames.  Well, of course I had to use those cute little frames for something.  In kind of a painters slump, I have begun doing tiny 2x2 inch paintings.  Just little tiny studies.  I am enjoying the process.  After 9 little guys, my slump was over.  Who knows, I may have to enter a miniature show!

Here is tiny number one of the series.  I have no earthly idea where this is.  But thank you Jim for the photo stash!

2" x 2" oil on canvas paper.

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