Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sept. 12 of 30/30

The paintings I completed from Sept. 12 - 14th were done while camping.  Thus the late posts.  We were at Crawford State Park in SE KS.  It is supposed to be one of KS most beautiful parks.  Derald was in a kayak fishing tournament, and I stayed with the Airstream and painted.  Max and Woody kept me company.  I managed to read a book and my new Yoga Journal Magazine!

Watercolors happen to be my go to medium when we camp.  Easy and clean.  I did take my oils and completed one 9 x 12, which I really liked.  I kept painting the same subject as the light changed, and found it rather challenging.  It kept me on my toes for the light and shadow areas.

1962 Safari Airstream

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