Saturday, February 11, 2012

39/100 Palomino

Now that I look closely at this post, the eye is too large.  I'll change that.  This one was fun to do.  Quick and fun.
Next week will be hectic, so this one is for Monday, Feb. 13, just in case.  I am painting with my friend Jim, and probably landscapes on Monday.  Lent is next week and I have plans for something every day.  Decorate the church Tues.  Mass and lunch with girlfriends on Wed.  Church candles  duty on Thurs. and Friday get ready for my class that starts Sat. for KCAI.  Throw 3 classes for exercise in there.  Well I guess it's not like I am not complaining.  Just a lot of stuff and driving all over town.  I live a very BLESSED life.  I do.

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