Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wed. Horse # 47 plus Copper Relief

One of my favorite horse breeds.  The American White and American Cream come in any breed, including the draft horse.  

About 95% of the copper 'tooling' is complete on this piece.  Next I will cut away the areas for the faces and possibly the hands.  The copper will then be placed on a wooden board and the faces (and hands) will be painted with oils.  The copper will then be flipped over and the hollow areas will be filled with putty or spackle as to  help prevent denting later.  The copper will be mounted on the board and the oil areas will be finished.  One of my favorite ladies at my church, Visitation, requested this piece.  I had done one of the exterior view of the church as a gift to my RCIA director when I joined the church.  I am delighted she requested this.  Ironically, her name is Peg!

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  1. I love Draft horses too. This one shows the strength and beauty of the breed. Your copper piece is beautiful. Please make sure you post the finished piece.


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