Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This border collie reminds us of Dottie, a dog friend in San Diego.  I guess the horse could be called Dottie!  This is references from a painting by Steve Atkinson.  I love his work.  I really fell for this one with the cowboy leaning down to the dog.  Steve I hope you don't mind me practicing horses on one of your paintings!


  1. This is awesome! Remember Laramie, the Border Collie that found me while riding one day? I was riding Wyoming and called Laramie over to me and I got to wondering if he would jump up like your painting. He did! Wyoming was not thrilled but it because nothing like that had happened to him before, but he didn't move. My next step is to get Laramie to jump in the saddle with me. :-)


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