Saturday, February 25, 2012

#50 Half way there!

The copper has been mounted on a board.  Next, I paint the faces.  As you tool the copper it tends to get out of square.  The wood border is not even all around.  I think it would be less noticeable if the border was larger.
On another note, I added the blog address for the class I am teaching at KCAI.  Today was class #2.  Lots to do today!

The underpainting.


1 comment:

  1. Your Visitation copper is exquisite. The hours involved in this meditation. A powerful piece it will be once finished. I forget, Do you remove the copper to paint the faces or do you reach in with wee brush hairs to paint the features , working round the copper ? If I may inquire. If you paint the wood black , won't the border disappear thus solving the inequality . Will this copper patina in time ?
    Congratulations on reaching the half way marker in your horse meditation. It would be fun to be in a room with all of these out on display.


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