Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 21: Cactus

6 x 6 on canvas panel

I painted this little guy yesterday, with a premonition
I would be busy today.  I have spent all day in my car, to the airport twice and other errands.  So, having a small 6 x 6 up my sleeve took the pressure off.  I got up and dressed in my 'paint clothes', thinking I would be back home in an hour.  It didn't work out like that.  Throw a flight cancellation in and a slight emergency in the picture, and I am just getting back.  I had Sushi by myself at 2:00, since I missed breakfast, I was still far from home and gave up and had lunch alone.  I suppose I looked like a mess, but that's ok.  Flip flops and wool socks to really make the paint outfit look great.  

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