Friday, January 24, 2014

Jan. 23 at the Clague's studio: Daniel Modeled! What a treat.

First 15 mins. and I had the nose to long.  I was seated below the model, and that was all new for me.  Not to mention being seated!  I don't know how Adam does it.  The nose will change.

Break time for the model.  They had a crowd there last night.  Probably 14 or so.

I love to photograph the work in early stages, and document changes.  This is Andrea's painting.

Cathy Kline is using the Zorn palette.  I was surprised at this start.  But she ended up with a dandy painting.  The canvas is quite large too.  I am guessing at least 16 x 20.  Ambitious.  

The painting here was a painted over landscape.  I don't put her work on Facebook.  she is really private, and doesn't like that.  Enough said….as they say.

This guy is amazing.  Ryan joined the group last week.   Wait til you see the final product!

Just to give you a sense of how crowded it was.

Andrea's painting taking shape.

Color added to Ryans.

Cathy's beginning to come alive.

Andrea and Ryan.  My station is the low spot.  Note to self….don't be late again.

Adam's painting.  It was so packed it was hard to get around to take pictures like I usually do.  I do not have anymore of his.


Our great model…Daniel.  He was amazing.

Ryan and Andrea's work.

New person, working in pastel.  The hair was great.

Andrea's.  Beautiful.  Her palette is below.  Yicks!

Ryan's end painting

Andrea's end painting.  She captures light like no other.

Look how large Cathy's was compared to others.  

Adam's mom, who must be nicknamed Ms. McGiever, made that table prop the model is on.   Adam said she also covered the chairs with new fabric.  I would enjoy meeting her someday.

How I miss my mom.  She would do the upholstery , not the carpentry work.  Wow, I just looked at the calendar, and mom died about 15 years ago this month.  I buried my mom and my dad on the same date, Jan. 28th, their anniversary.  They also died on the same date, although, they died years apart.  She knew what day it was, and peacefully left us to be with dad in heaven.  I can say that now without crying.  Time does that.  Heals.  


New guy, never caught his name.  New girl seated, didn't catch her name either.

The light catcher did this one…Andrea.

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