Friday, January 17, 2014

Thursday evening with the Clagues

It has been a few weeks since I have had the opportunity to paint with Adam and Andrea Clague at their Thursday evening 'paint in'.  Last night we had yet another fantastic model.  The house was packed, with some new faces.  Adam was very busy with an 'intern' student, so he didn't get as 'finished' as he usually does.  But here are some photos from my iPhone…I forgot my camera for the first time!  What a shame too, the model was amazing and I sure wish I had additional good quality photos of him.

Stage one of a new person joining the group.  He is from Lee's Summit I think.  I was impressed with his work.

stage 2 in my documenting this one

My work.  I had an amazing location to work from.  The light on his side made for a nice portrait.

stage 3:  this guys underpainting stage was certainly detailed.  

Adam's work

A iphone photo being taken of a painting, with the model missing.  

Stage 4: color added

Andrea far side, and the intern in the middle and another new painter to the group.

I was hoping this would be a nicer photo.  Andrea had 'the look' as she was working.  That hat cocked to one side.  

A drawing from the models friend.

Great posture Adam!

Obviously Adam forgot to bring the trash can in last night.

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