Monday, January 27, 2014

New one: Break Cookie

underpainting for values: a mix of black, cad red medium and yellow ochre.

When I took this picture, Andrea was taking a break and eating a cookie. I would love to have more photos of her.  She is such a pleasure to paint.  We were just lucky the night the model didn't show and she modeled.   I like the models caught off guard the best.  I have one of one of the models on his cell phone I may paint next.  This one will need a little more work, but I like that look of parts unfinished.  I looked at a slew of artists today on the web.  Sorolla, Rose Frantzen, Zorn (of course), Susan Lyon, Gerome, Repin, Bastien-Lepage and my favorite William Adolphe Bougereau.  I also looked at Jeremy Lipkin, and I love his work.  Thus….I tried the unfinished look for the less of importance areas.
11 x 14 oil on gessoed wood
This is not one of the 30 x 30 set.  Those are all finished and on a schedule to be posted.  Now I am just trying to keep in the groove to paint daily!

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