Monday, April 9, 2012

3 larger paintings I have been working on from studies and 'other things' that keep me busy!

Happy Easter!

I am on the Arts and Environment committee at my church.  We have been very active decorating.  This table arrangement of bread and grapes were for Holy Thurs. mass.

We are painting the interior of a rental house with historic colors.  We also stained and polished all the wood work!  WoW. What a job.  Lots of crown molding and wood floors.

The house really did turn out wonderful.

Father was last to have his feet washing during the service.

In the middle of all this was first Fridays!  This piece was done by a friend of ours, Dierk Van Keppel.  He has some wonderful hand blown glass work.  We are fortunate to have some of his work.

This is an arrangement I did for Easter near the baptismal font.

This is a niche of the Visitation.  There is a wonderful shadow that is cast from their hands in the ceiling of the niche.

Our theme color this year!  The flowers were fantastic.  This arrangement is in the chapel.

To relax Derald and I took about a 7 mile bike ride at Smithville Lake Easter Sunday before dinner.  The weather was wonderful, the location was close and perfect.  They have a great walking, riding trail all around the lake.

This morning our window crew came to install all the windows in the front of our house!  YEAH!  They are just great.  They are the fancy flip out and clean from inside windows.  

Two guys took about 5 hours for 6 windows.  It was quite a project today.

Painting #1


#3  This is actually the same person on 2 different horses!  Her name is Sue Karkkainen from Canada.  She gave me permission to use her photographs.  The dog is Dottie.  She lives in San Diego.  The imagination. 

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