Monday, April 16, 2012

8 x 10 to a 10 x 20 The original 8 x 10 was # 10/100.

After more work today. 

This is an enlargement from a small 8 x 10 from the series of 100 horses.  I am posting this one today for my Aunt Rosie to see what I am up to!  It's always nice when you get to the stage toward the end of the first pass, where there is no white canvas showing.  This horse was originally a reddish color.  But I wanted to have a simple dark background so I changed it to a white horse.  The photo reference is by Debbie Simmons.  The rider is Summer.  It is nearly 90% changed from the original photograph.  She did have on jeans with that hole near the knee.  I have to get this one done by the 30th.

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