Thursday, April 19, 2012

More pictures from the ranch. Notice how everyone is smiling? It was a beautiful day.

This little Jack Russell was making sure the horses wouldn't leave the fenced area.

The pinto with the mask on would charge all the herd and make them run for their money.    I was told he was just 'fixed' and had a tendency to bite the other horses.  I guess he was mad his masculinity was taken.

Here is the 'biter'.  He was sure a handsome horse.  I don't know how he ate or drank with that contraption on.

I watched this horse during a lesson.  

This is Mary and her team of helpers.

This young lady had a lesson while I was there.  She is amazing on that horse.  All the 'commands' were via her body language.  The way she held her legs and squeezed, or the direction of her weight.  She sat up straight in the little saddle and really never appeared to be directing the hose with the reigns.  The name of that type of riding sounds like 'durrange' or something.....anyone know what I am talking about?

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  1. Love these pictures. What a great opportunity to study horses. The word for what the girl was doing in Dressage. The dictionary def. is "The guiding of a horse through a series of complex maneuvers by slight movements of the rider's hands, legs, and weight." I have seen it demonstrated since we have lived in Kentucky. There is a Horse Park in Lexington where they put on demonstrations. It is really amazing. That Pinto is beautiful. Love all the close up faces of the horses.


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