Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I took 253 photos today. Just thought I would share a few.

My first treat for the day was watching this gentleman shoe a horse.  That is one TALL horse.

The horse didn't seem to mind all the filing.

I started this painting and within minutes all the horses RAN across the field and behind the group of trees in jumped in the water OUT OF SIGHT.  I could hear them splashing and saw the water rippling.  Those rascals knew I wanted to paint them and they were teasing me.

Take a look at this horses eye!  Cool hugh?

The flies were bothering them.  Tails were swishing.

This horse was so shiny.  

I may paint this one.  

I tried to get a variety of view points.

This horse was so white it was amazing.  What was even MORE amazing is I only had unbleached titanium white.  NO titanium white!  Well I have 253 new photographs to work from.  My guess is.....I'll have to paint another 100!  Lucky for me the ranch owner will allow me to return.  She is also a painter!  And THAT is another reason I am LUCKY.  Now you would think I was making this up....but the ranch has not one but TWO Jack Russells.  And an elderly Border Collie (another of Derald's favorite dogs).  And I was driving down a road I had never been on, just looking for horses.  I found this ranch and stopped and asked permission to paint and take photographs.  It was heaven on earth.  I also got to watch a riding lesson!  It was amazing.  The young lady (student) guided her horse with her body.  Beats me how she did it, but with her legs she had the horse turning, stopping, backing up, riding nearly sideways (that was so cool to watch).  

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  1. Fantastic! What a find. Wonderful opportunity for you. The friend that I go to WC class with is trying to paint (from her photo) of the last time she got to ride her horse she had for 21 years. She knew she had to put down the next day. I will send you the photo. His name was Pokie. I think I want to paint a horse too. xo


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